Brainy 🎓 Bratz Kiddy Campus 📚 Leaders in innovative ideas design and activity for the ultimate pre school experience 💯

Childcare focusing on moral, social, emotional, creative, intellectual and physical development. Islamic studies form an integral part of our daily syllabus.

This cosy little school set in the heart of an enchanted garden is structured to implement an integrated form of learning.  It offers a safe and secure environment, large Astro turf playground with an extensive array of playground equipment and well equipped classrooms.

Our method of teaching is child centred and based on a child’s need for purposeful work and their desire for knowledge. Lessons are designed to take full advantage of the self-motivation and unique ability of young children to develop their own capabilities.

Heritage Day 2020 @Brainy 🎓 Bratz
In true South African style ” Kom ons Braai “